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Years of experience, profound knowledge as well as heart and mind are the spirit of our company.

We offer you a whole concept beginning with the collection of the goods, get the experience of the necessary import custom documents (custom duties saving) and the most suitable transport mode for your company / product in order to get the most fastest and efficient completion for import clearance and delivery.

We offer you worldwide transport solutions from continent to continent, as well as inner continental transports with truck, barge, vessel and airplane.

                            North/South – America                  from / to                           Europe

                            Asia                                                         from / to                           Europe

                            Middle East                                          from / to                           Europe

                            Africa                                                      from / to                           Europe

                            Australia/New Zealand                   from / to                           Europe

No matter which destination, we have an appropriate and suitable solution for you.

We will stay at your side starting with the calculation of the order upto the final delivery. Give you full support regarding custom regulation, formalities as well as to find for you the most suitable payment processing.

Transport charges depending on supply and demand valid for all products on the market, but custom duties are not same affected the same way. They can be calculated allready a long time before. For many products, duties are high and you calculate it into you selling rate.

Therefore, if you get the correct duties, it will change your position in the market on a better place.

We do outmost that you get correct and full information regarding custom formalities in order to strength your position on the market place. We are interested in getting you supported to help that your product will successful and famous.

Please contact us at any time, we will convince.

Our heart, mind, knowledge, secrecy and years of experience have made us successful and we invite to join.

We looking forward to your contact.

ABRA freight forwarding

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